Reflection 2.11.18

We all take for granted that feeling one gets whilst walking into your family home. The smell, the familiarity, the millions of mundane moments that constitute what defines "home" for you, the individual. My grandparent's home will forever be entombed this way to me. I can never go back there now because of the new owners. I will never see what became of my old bedroom of 17.5 years that was painted a dusty mauve color. Or if they tore down the old wooden full bar in the basement that hadn't been used for parties since the 80s. My grandfather's house, which he helped the architect build In the 70s, was around 3000 square feet with about a quarter of an acre land, with an in ground pool and jacuzzi. I was raised extremely privileged and I am thankful for that. Going through my young years in this manner, one would assume this was the level of living I expected of life. I Did The Exact Opposite. I revere my youth and understand the world of the senior citizens (the "silents" generation) is no longer and will never come back. I Relish In The Simple And Bask In The calm. I feed off of intellect and absorb knowledge of enlightenment. My living space is 60 square feet and yet I am more at peace with myself than I ever have been in my life. I say goodbye and thank you to my childhood memories; they will always be with me and always part of me. Mummified in my dna for safe keeping. My grandparents live in their kin, the photos that were captured of their essence and the memories I have. Their energy will always be In that house; how could it not after 45 plus years of habitation there? I hope the new family creates fond memories there too... and as I step forward onto the next rung of the wheel of the year, I say peace be with you. I look forward to co-creating 2018 with you.

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